The brewers of Tumulus

Through their almost fanatic interest for godly potions, some young (greying) men developed the dream to brew their own beer. We feared indeed that someday we would lose our interest in the “limited” offer of Belgian beers.

Bart Landuyt and Bart Liesenborghs came to the conclusion that they possessed the required knowledge and experience and fairly quickly realised this dream. In 2007 they started brewing golden barley concoctions.

Under the direction of brewer Bart Landuyt some volunteers assisted for the production of every new brew. They grinded the malt, made the maisching, produced and filtered the brew, added hops, herbs and yeast starters. In this way Dominik, Alain, Johan and Paul completed our group of Burgundy friends.

After many trials, successes and failures, but mostly due to the academic knowledge of Doctor Bart Landuyt we were ready to present an exclusive and innovative beer to our friends and family.

Pretty soon the questions came as to where this beer could be consumed and bought, so the friends decided to start commercialisation.

Bringing the beer to market evidently starts with brewing it, but we quickly discovered this was not the end of the story. A good organisation not only requires a good brewer, but also specialists in marketing, finance, logistics and law. Dominik, our youngster, was already active in a commercial function and therefore the man to sell our beer. Alain, technical and logistic officer in the Belgian Air Force, was chosen to direct our logistic processes. Johan the lawyer joined our group to assist with legal matters and Paul, a retired bank clerk, was obviously the man for accountancy.

Our team was complete and De Kale Ridders were baptised.

The recipes for our beers were optimised in a small own brewing installation. This installation had however insufficient capacity to serve the demand of friends and family, let alone that of the wider market. Therefore we looked to increase our production by renting capacity in another larger brewery. Many breweries were visited but unfortunately found unfit for various reasons. But already our first visit to the Proefbrouwerij convinced us. De Proefbrouwerij brews on small and middle large scale according the stringiest rules for hygiene, food safety and brewing techniques. Our collaboration with De Proefbrouwerij guarantees an end product of the highest quality and with a minimal variance between the different brews.

Who are we?

Paul Decat, Johan Cans, Alain Maes, Bart Liesenborghs, Dominik Champagne, Bart Landuyt